Lose 5 Pounds by Hardly Trying


If you’re determined to lose weight but not having success, try this approach: change just one thing.

My personal training client John cut back on his nightly alcohol consumption and has seen immediate results.

He still has a nightcap each night. But now it’s only one glass, and that one glass is just a bit smaller than it used to be.

It makes sense that he’s lost five pounds over the last few weeks, by hardly trying, because alcohol is extremely dense in calories.

(One gram of alcohol has seven calories per gram, proteins and carbs have four calories and fat has nine .)

The beauty of this approach to weight loss is that it takes very little effort. No need to weigh your food or to drastically change your cooking or food consumption habits.

Simply commit to one small but permanent change.

Not a drinker?

  • If you love sweets, could you eat dessert just on weekends?

  • If you snack while watching t.v., could you switch to healthier choices on some nights?

  • If you drink pop, could you substitute soda water for some servings?

Give your new habit two weeks to develop and stick. Then, if you’re feeling particularly energetic, you could change one more thing if you like.

But don’t overwhelm yourself.

After all, this lazy weight loss method is meant to take no effort at all.