Feet Don't Fail Me Now


"You're wearing a different pair of shoes every time I see you!" said one of my personal training clients last week.

It's true. But honestly, I don't have one of those crazy shoe obsessions. I just know that standing in happy, dry and comfortable feet is always the best way to start any workout. And a different shoe is often required for each different activity.

A quick glance in my closet shows a dozen or so pairs of athletic shoes--hiking shoes and hiking boots for Nordic walking, waterproof shoes for rainy days, shoes for running, shoes for fitness classes, cycling shoes, casual athletic shoes for everyday wear, etc.

I often have two pairs of each in rotation since they tend to last longer this way.

Not sure which shoes are best for you? Skip the big box store, and go directly to an athletic shoe shop. Staff there will quickly evaluate your gait and then present options that are good for you and your planned activity.

One last point: Once you've made your shoe choice and investment, wear them just for workouts. Athletic shoes maintain their cushioning and support for a limited number of steps — so don't waste steps in the grocery store! Instead, pull on a pair of older athletic shoes when it's time for shopping, gardening or a casual neighbourhood walk.