Micro-Workouts to Boost Your Fitness

I get it. I understand. You're busy.

But the "I don't have time to exercise" excuse just doesn't fly anymore.

Everyone from the New York Times to the Globe and Mail is reporting on research showing that even one or two minutes of physical activity here and there can make a difference in your health.

No need to change clothes, no fancy gym membership required and no travel time to factor in.

Just step away from your desk, take a deep breath and ... go.

  1. Got 10 seconds? Strike a power pose
    Amy Cuddy's TED Talk has everyone buzzing about how body language changes how we think and feel about ourselves. Strike a power pose, she says, to boost your confidence (think Wonder Woman with hands on her hips or Superman with fist thrust upward).

    What you can do right now:
    Swing your torso and arms down toward the floor with a big knee bend, then swing up to finish with your arms overhead in a big victory V and your face and chest lifted. Repeat three or four times moving and breathing rhythmically.
  2. Got 1 minute? Recharge with a full-body exercise
    If you choose carefully, you can work scores of muscles simultaneously with one exercise.

    What you can do right now:
    Lower yourself down into a push-up (with your hands on your desk or the kitchen counter) as you lift one foot a few inches off the ground. Then straighten your arms as you lower your foot. Repeat several times alternating sides.
  3. Got 4 minutes? Pump it up
    Grab some dumbbells or an exercise tube, and go for it.

    What you can do right now:
    Set a stopwatch, and then continuously perform one minute of each of the following exercises: biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, biceps curls with overhead press, and bent-over rows.