Some Favourite Things


I wrote my book, The Urban Poling Ultimate Guide to Nordic Walking to capture the Nordic walking tips and advice that I've found myself sharing over and over again for the last 10+ years.

One of the most frequent questions I get is about clothing for outdoor workouts. Space constraints didn't allow me to get into too much detail in the book. So instead I'm sharing some of my favourite items here. (These really are my favourites, and I receive no compensation for recommending them!)

Fleece-lined Pants

Long underwear is a must in the cold months, but a better and easier way to go is the all-in-one approach--pants with a stretchy wind-resistant outer layer and a cosy brushed lining. My current must-haves are the Prana Winter Hallena Pant ($120) and the MPG Lined Nemea Pant ($85) both from Mountain Equipment Coop. A bit pricey yes, but worth every penny. Look for similar options at Lululemon and lower-cost (and excellent) versions at Mark's.

Best Socks Ever

Hopefully you know to avoid cotton socks to keep your feet dry and blister-free. My favourite sport socks are these ones from Lululemon ($18). Maybe a crazy price for socks (I ask for them for Christmas), but they're stretchy and thin with just a bit of padding in the right places and they don't slip. Love them!

Folding Cap

I recently found this FitKicks Folding Cap ($10.99) at Shoppers Drug Mart's just launched Wellwise store (in Leaside in Toronto). It folds into thirds then in half again to easily fit into your pocket. Perfect when you're out running or Nordic walking in unpredictable weather. Bonus: it's water- and crush-resistant, has a good-size brim and looks great.

Illuminating Waist Pack

Another excellent item from Wellwise is the FitZip Illuminating Waist Pack ($19.99). On dark mornings and evenings, press a button to light up the pouch in one of three flash modes. The zippered pouch easily holds a phone or even a small water bottle or wallet. Best of all, it's rechargeable via a USB port. No batteries required!


If you haven't done so already, ditch your scarf and get a buff or two. You can buy them at any outdoors store (such as Sport Chek or Mountain Equipment Coop). This multi-purpose tube of light stretchy fabric can be a scarf, cap, hood or face mask or can just be stored on your wrist or in your pocket once you've warmed up and no longer need it. (Try that with a bulky scarf!)