What is Nordic Walking? Why Do I Need a Lesson?

Nordic walking is a full-body workout that is gaining in popularity every year. It is an ideal activity for people of all ages and fitness levels. It challenges almost every muscle while also training cardiovascular endurance, balance and coordination. 

Participants offload weight into Nordic walking poles, which has two effects: 1) it takes stress off the hips and knees and back while also 2) shifting work to the core, arms and shoulders.

To vary the intensity users simply speed up or slow down. This makes it an activity that people can easily practise for a lifetime.

It’s not difficult to learn, but almost everyone needs at least one lesson to feel comfortable and confident with their poles.

Here are the 10 big benefits of Nordic walking:

  1. It whittles your waist.
    Your abs tighten each time you push off with your poles. Many people walk 5,000+ steps per hour—that's also 5,000+ pole plants/ab contractions per hour.

  2. Your knees and hips will thank you.
    The poles let you offload weight from your hips and knees into your upper body. You can walk further, faster or even pain-free.

  3. It revs up the calorie burning.
    Research shows that it burns up to 46% more calories than standard walking.

  4. It sculpts your arms and shoulders.
    Nordic walking uses 90 percent of your muscles, especially the underused upper body muscles.

  5. It helps balance your blood sugar.
    It helps keep blood sugars in a healthy range.

  6. You’ll straighten up and feel more confident.
    Your upper back muscles (that pull your shoulders back) tighten each time you plant a pole.

  7. It’s a fun social workout.
    Invite your friends and family members to enjoy all the health benefits with you.

  8. It’s a stress buster.
    The smooth rhythmic action provides a distraction from everyday concerns and lifts your mood.

  9. You can adjust the intensity.
    Press on the ergonomic handles with more or less intensity to modify your pace.

  10. It’s a great running alternative.
    Nordic walking offers the same year-round fresh-air experience as running but without jarring and jostling your joints.

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