You Can't Outrun Your Fork

"You can't outrun your fork."

It's a powerful saying and a concept that many people don't quite understand.

What does it mean?

It's a clever way of saying that if weight loss is your goal, you can't out-exercise a bad diet no matter how long or vigorously you walk, run or swim.

To lose weight, we all know that you need to burn more calories than you consume.

But have you ever stopped to think how quick and easy it is to eat and drink calories but how difficult and time-consuming it is to burn a comparable number?

Here are a couple examples:

  • It takes maybe 7 minutes to eat 3 cups of potato chips which have about 350 calories
  • But it takes about 60-minutes of moderate- to high-intensity cardio & weights for a 150 lb. woman to burn about 350 calories

The message? Unless you have hours and hours to dedicate to exercise each day, you need to change your diet to drop the pounds.

If you can sacrifice those few minutes of bliss (and is it really bliss?) you get from that piece of pie or extra serving of dinner, you'll begin to see immediate changes in your weight.

If your main goal is to lose weight, make a commitment to two lifestyle changes.

  • First, start by simply moving more. Start walking at lunch or in the evening, Over time, ease into something more formal. Sign up for dance classes, join a power walking or a learn-to-run group. Find an activity that makes you feel good and boosts your energy and spirits.
  • Then take a good look at the foods and portion sizes you're eating, and start to make small changes.

Lastly, team up with a supportive friend or a structured program—such as Weight Watchers, TOPS or (a simple, free and very motivational app I really like that tracks your exercise and diet). Even better, find a personal trainer who will support you and cheer you on. 

"You can't outrun your fork" is one of my favourite sayings.

Here's another one: "Health isn't everything, but without it you have nothing."