Finally, Warm Hands!


Keeping my body toasty warm while I’m walking, running and Nordic walking is never a problem. After all there are so many great options when it comes to winter socks, pants, jackets and accessories.

But my hands are almost always ice cold, no matter what kind of gloves or mitts I wear.

Cold hands can be a particular problem for Nordic walkers — when you’re holding poles there’s no option to stick your hands in your pockets or your armpits for a quick warm up.

But this winter I discovered battery-operated mitts. Hurrah!

Like an electric blanket for your hands, the soft fuzzy lining starts heating up as soon as you flip the ‘on’ switch.

Sure the battery packs are a bit big (they each take 3 AA batteries), but they’re really not that noticeable.

I have yet to try them in a deep freeze, but at -5C they they have performed beautifully.

Interested in your own pair? I got mine at Canadian Tire for $44.99, and the brand is Outbound Heated Mittens.

(They get a surprisingly low rating from the small number of reviewers on the Canadian Tire website, but don’t let this stop you from trying them for yourself.)

FEBRUARY UPDATE: My mitts got a good cold weather testing this past weekend: skating at Patinage en Forêt in Quebec (minus 15C) for one hour and skating on Ottawa’s Rideau Canal for two hours (minus 12C). My hands were perfectly warm. In fact, the mitts eventually got too warm and my hands got sweaty….so I had to turn them off!